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Welcome to Rockmine Television!

People spend less and less time watching television and more and more browsing video sites on the internet instead. I do it all the time and it came to me that I could combine my obsession with making lists with all the music videos I could find.

Two of the most popular music related lists are Eurovision Song Contest Winners and U.K. Number One Singles, so I thought I’d start with them. Both are complete (apart from a handful of number ones that I couldn’t embed). I’ve also added some rock and pop festivals although that section will grow to include hundreds of clips. I’ve been astonished at how much rare and interesting footage there is from around the world across the decades.

There are currently 1226 videos on this site!

Navigating the site is very easy. Click on a tab above and scroll to the relevant period or year or use the page listings in the sidebar. If you’re searching for a specific artist or track, use the search box at the top right. If there’s only one matching response, you’ll be taken direct to the page containing the video. If there are multiple pages, there will be a link to each in ascending chronological order.

Every day Rockmine Publishing sends out a series of daily tweets linked to videos from that day in the past. They’re all found using “Rock and Pop on Television”, my first book. The tweets are carried here but follow me on Twitter to get a daily dose straight to your account.

Feel free to comment and tell me what you’d like included. In the meantime, enjoy what’s here!

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